wearable computing meets the electric carToday's version of future shock is brought to you buy a San Jose-based app developer that's making a Tesla app for the Google Glass "wearable computer" product that's in the works. Sahas Katta's Glass Tesla lets the Tesla Model S owner remotely control the car's climate, lock and unlock the doors, start and stop electric charging and even honk the horn. Google says many of its Glass features are voice controlled, though Katta says the Tesla controls can be enacted from the bridge of the user's nose. Because that's what the world needs now.

Katta built his Tesla Glass app after poking around in the official Android Tesla app code and can now provide vehicle charging status and control, remote lock and unlock, locate your Model S and "even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can't spot it," Katta wrote on the Model S forum. You can see Katta driving around in a Model S while wearing Google Glasses in the video below.

As cool as all this is, the automaker's got bigger fish to fry these days. Tesla has been trying to get state and federal governments to allow for direct automaker-to-customer sales in various courtrooms and last week got the 100,000th signature on a fan-created White House petition. We're all waiting for an official Obama Administration response on that.

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