Future of EV battery production shines bright in France

France's plug-in vehicle market remains firmly in its infancy, but when it comes to making the batteries that power those cars, the country's prospects are tres grande, according to at least one report. The home of Renault has an electric-vehicle battery industry whose market value will surge to $7.2 billion in 2020 from $380 million last year, marking a compound growth rate of more than 44 percent a year, Hybrid Cars says, citing a study from Research and Markets. In fact, by the end of the decade, France will represent the world's third-largest EV battery industry – behind Japan and China – and will account for 16 percent of the world's EV battery production capacity. You can find Research and Markets' summary of its 154-page report below.

Naturally, Renault, which along with its sister company Nissan is investing an estimated $5 billion in electric-drive technology, is a major player here. The company is building a factory near Paris with an annual production capacity up to 350,000 EV batteries a year and is hoping that increased plug-in vehicle incentives from the government will help France reach its stated goal of having two million EVs on the country's roads by 2020.
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Electric Vehicle Battery Market - Market Size, Investment Analysis, and Forecast to 2020


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Electric Vehicle Battery Market - Market Size, Investment Analysis, and Forecast to 2020


Our latest research "Electric Vehicle Battery Market - Market Size, Investment Analysis, and Forecast to 2020" provides insight into the market scenario related to electric vehicle batteries. The electric vehicle battery is a key component that controls the performance of the electric vehicles, and accounts for a dominating share of the cost of the vehicle. Nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries are the key battery types that are used in electric vehicles. The global market for electric vehicle battery market is in the early growth stage. The market is largely concentrated in countries such as the US, Japan, China and some European Union (EU) countries where there is an increasing adoption of electric vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. The reduction in battery pack cost and further improvement in battery technology is essential for the growth of electric vehicle battery market during the forecast period.

The report gives detailed information on the current status and the opportunities provided by the electric vehicle battery market for US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Japan, China and the global market. The report starts with a discussion on the global electric vehicle battery market and explores the market size, key initiatives undertaken, drivers and restraints . The report later provides a detailed analysis on market sizing and outlook for these key nations. Vendor landscape analysis for electric vehicle battery players is also provided in the report.


- Key geographies covered, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan and China
- Market size data of global and key countries
- Annual market revenue data from 2010 to 2020
- Qualitative analysis of market drivers, restraints, government plan and policies,
- Technical Brief includes includes technological study on type ofelectric vehicle batteries and their application
- Vendor analysis of the key players and their product offerings.

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