Fisker Karma plays big money status symbol in 'Paranoia' movie

Actor Liam Hemsworth has been in the news lately for his rocky relationship with Miley Cyrus. Now, it looks like his character in an upcoming thriller – also starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman – isn't having much better luck with his choice of cars. Paranoia, which comes out August 16, features a faking-it wealthy young businessman played by Hemsworth who tools around in a Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in. The car even has a starring role in the official trailer, which you can watch below.

The Karma was a real-world vehicle of choice for actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cee Lo Green and Justin Bieber when the car's cinema product placement was announced last fall. Since then, though, the California-based company stopped production and is reportedly on the verge of being sold to a China's BAIC. Last month, Reuters, citing company documents, said Fisker lost about $35,000 per vehicle it produced and, overall, took about $1 billion in losses between 2008 and 2012. In the movies, though, you can pretend the car remains a symbol of success.

Fisker Karma Information

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