Formula Sun hits the track at COTA with Translogic

The Circuit Of The Americas racetrack in Austin, Texas plays host to all manner of racing machinery, from Formula 1 to MotoGP. That said, the Formula Sun Grand Prix isn't like most other series that run at COTA – these cars are powered by nothing but the sun. Which team can go furthest and fastest using solar energy is determined over a three-day period, and the competition is steep.

The crew from Translogic made it down to COTA for the FSGP, and the resulting video is well worth a watch. After all, these vehicles are capable of lapping the race track at 55 miles per hour using less power than a hairdryer, according to the video. The winning team lapped COTA 193 times for a total of 661 miles of racing. Impressive, no? Well, that's what happens when you put a lot of nerds in a room and try to build a solar car, according to one of the competitors.

For all the sunny goodness, we suggest you check out the video below.

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