Opel bringing Monza concept to Frankfurt [w/video]

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Opel may be bringing this Monza concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall, but it's unlikely the Monza concept will spawn a production coupe to fill the void left by the Calibra and original Monza.

Opel says the concept shows the firm's focus on "efficiency and connectivity," which will be applied to the brand's next generation of models. The Monza concept features a "ground-breaking powertrain solution" and the connectivity with its infotainmant system represents a "quantum leap" in development. According to Opel/Vauxhall CEO, Karl-Thomas Neumann, the Monza "covers a whole range of subject areas and elements. It carries them forward in a visionary fashion, expressing them with fresh inspiration and clarity. Further, "This car is a study that will have a long-term impact on the next generation of Vauxhall and Opel models."

Opel says the concept shares similarities with the Monza fastback sold in the 1970s and '80s, with large glazed surfaces and a low belt line. We've lightened up the two images of the concept that Opel has shown so far (the shadowy originals are also in the gallery), and the resulting concept is pretty great looking, if being we're honest. Sleek, low and crisply angled, the front end of the concept is attractive an attractive start, but we'll need to see the whole package to make sense of it. Scroll down to see a video of the concept, or to read the full press release.
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Opel Monza Concept: Our Vision of Opel's Future

- Ground-breaking concept: Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann reveals first glimpse of IAA study
- Next generation of Opel design philosophy: Evolution of sculptural styling
- New athleticism: Maximum efficiency of vehicle architecture, powertrain and materials
- Modern: Innovative connectivity solutions for individual mobility
- Pioneering: Visionary IAA studies from Opel since Experimental GT in 1965

Rüsselsheim, 2013-07-08. After more than 150 years of company history packed with strong innovations, Opel now introduces its newest highlight – at least partially. The ground-breaking Opel Monza Concept will make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show from September 12 – 22 (Press Days September 10 and 11), but today Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann gives a first glimpse of this exciting study. "DRIVE!2022 is a clear strategy for the future of Opel as a company and a brand," says Dr. Neumann. "It covers a whole range of subject areas and elements, and in terms of the future of our models, we've bundled all our targets together in the Opel Monza Concept. It is our vision of Opel's future and stands for our fundamental values: German engineering and precision, combined with enthralling design and innovations suitable for everyday use. The Monza Concept carries these elements forward in a visionary fashion, expressing them with fresh inspiration and clarity. This car is a study that will have a long-term impact on the next generation of Opel models."

Monza Concept: Beginning the next generation of Opel mobility
The Monza Concept shows what Opel customers can expect to see in the future. It focuses on two major themes which will be top priorities for the more than 6,000 engineers, technicians and designers in Rüsselsheim developing the next generation of Opel models: efficiency and connectivity. The Monza Concept demonstrates outstanding efficiency through its architecture and use of materials, as well as in its aerodynamics and ground-breaking powertrain solution. In terms of connectivity, it offers trailblazing possibilities that are a quantum leap in the development of infotainment systems.

The Monza Concept is a recognizable further development of Opel's design language.. To visibly express Opel's quest for increased efficiency, the study presents an evolution of Opel's design philosophy of sculptural artistry and German precision, with body contours conveying a sense of lithe athleticism rather than pure muscle power.

This design emphasis is immediately apparent in the vehicle's frontal styling. A low stance with flowing lines, the clearly defined hood and a striking headlamp treatment all combine to give the car an extra dose of assertive self-confidence. Further developed signature Opel themes are embedded in the overall look: the typical crease on the hood appears more three-dimensional and thus more prominent, while the chrome grille bar carrying the Opel logo now sweeps up with winglets at its tips. Two characteristic blades under the head lamps add to the sporty appeal. Overall, the Monza Concept has a light, athletic look designed to convey efficiency, excitement and great driving fun.

The sporty appeal of Opel models has always been inseparably linked to functionality and, in this respect, the Monza Concept pays homage to the seminal Opel Monza Coupé, built between 1978 and 1986. It also combined elegant, dynamic styling with clever, functional solutions for drivers and passengers. Similarities between the two cars are visible in design elements such as their large, glazed surfaces and low belt-line.

The original Monza was the first car on the market to feature a digital dashboard display and the Monza Concept continues this innovative theme. It introduces ground-breaking technologies for future infotainment and connectivity possibilities, showing how next-generation Opel cars will address the needs of a closely connected and sharing society. They will enable future individual mobility that's more than simply a driving experience alone.

Opel Experimental GT: Start of visionary IAA studies
The trendsetting Monza Concept is the latest in a line of visionary IAA studies from Opel which began in 1965 with the spectacular Opel Experimental GT. At that time, Opel was the first automaker to build a concept study in Europe and present it at an automotive trade show – with overwhelming success. The Experimental GT created enthusiasm among the media and public alike, and was the starting point for ongoing presentations of concept cars to showcase innovative ideas and future developments for the brand portfolio. Opel studies in the 1960s were so successful that all European competitors subsequently began developing and presenting their own concepts.

"With the Opel Monza Concept, we make our automotive future tangible today," says Opel CEO Neumann. And fueling curiosity about Rüsselsheim's newest study ahead of its world premiere, he adds: "I can't yet go into detail about how the Monza Concept's interior design, and especially its trend-setting technologies, will change the driving experience. However, I can guarantee that viewed from any angle, its innovative body design and perfect proportions will turn heads. But they are just a visible expression of the great substance you will find under the bodywork. Everyone should visit us at the Opel stand at the IAA to get a look at Opel's exciting future!"

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