Apparently, there's no place in Baltimore's city-management handbook (or probably any other city's, for that matter) that describes what to do when somebody goes medieval on an electric-vehicle charging station. That's perhaps why, even though the charging ports on two publicly accessible stations in the city's Water Street parking garage were smashed last September, they haven't been fixed, Plug In Cars reports. The stations, installed in August 2011, were manufactured by ChargePoint (formerly Coulomb Technologies). The issue is that, while Baltimore has an extended warranty on the stations, the warranty doesn't cover vandalism, so the pending repairs have been caught in a bit of a bureaucratic black hole.

The good news, at least, is that Baltimore is decently represented when it comes to EV charging stations. As of late last month, the city had more than 50. By comparison, Boston, which has about the same population but a little more than half the geographic area, had about 30, according to US Energy Department figures.

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