3 Wheeler is Morgan's best-seller, may spawn entire line

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler
2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler
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As a glorious rolling anachronism in a line of other rolling anachronisms, we're not surprised that the Morgan 3 Wheeler has found a small but fervent following. But even Morgan execs probably didn't see this coming: the trike is outselling all of the brand's other models – and not by a little bit. According to Autocar, the 3 Wheeler itself will account for over 600 units this year, outshining the sales ledgers of the 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster models, as well as the Plus 8 and modern-look Aero, the latter two accounting for only about 150 units a year. Importantly, not only is the 3 Wheeler selling in volumes that have "far exceeded" company expectations, it appears to be drawing in a younger crowd, exactly what a boutique automaker like Morgan needs if it hopes to thrive long-term.

With the 3 Wheeler's great success, it should come as no surprise to learn that the automaker is looking to leverage its appeal with new variations – some with new engines hung out front, others with different bodystyles. And in other matters of the heart, Autocar indicates that Morgan is presently debating whether to continue using its traditional steel chassis construction as well as the extruded aluminum framework found under the Plus 8 and Aero.

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