Renault Twizy Cargo is an EV and shopping cart in one

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Renault Twizy Cargo EV - cargo doorWe've always maintained a quiet appreciation for Europe's appreciation for small cargo conversions – panel-back versions of small passenger cars like the Opel Astra, Ford Fiesta and such. They might not be able to hold great volumes, but for light-duty nimble urban schlepping on the cheap, we can see the value. Here in North America, smaller commercial conversions like the Chevrolet HHR Panel and even the larger Ram C/V have gone largely unappreciated, but that's due to any number of factors – cheaper fuel, more road space, etc.

But even then, it takes some thoughtful head-scratching to appreciate this new Twizy Cargo EV from Renault. No, it's not the Twizy's downed helicopter fuselage shape. While it's a bit zany, we can see why the single-seat electric quadcycle might be desirable in Europe for things like postal service duty and small delivery operations (pizza, anyone?), particularly along narrow cobblestone streets where a larger size can be a major disadvantage. While the standard Twizy features a two-seat tandem arrangement, Twizy Cargo eschews a spot for passengers in favor of a lockable, watertight trunk with 6.3 cubic feet of storage, about a cube larger than the trunk in a 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The Twizy Cargo EV will be available in two basic formulas, one with a 5-horsepower electric motor, and the other with 17 hp – the former is limited to just 45 kilometers per hour (28 mph) and the latter can zoom up to 80 kph (50 mph). Renault claims "real range" works out to about 50 miles in eco-minded driving and 30 miles or so under "extreme conditions." That all sounds fair enough for a dedicated urban center vehicle, but the pricing gives us pause: the Twizy Cargo will start at 8,080 euro including taxes (around $10,500 USD), which means this runabout is priced higher than many larger, more traditional vehicles offering similar cargo space along with more seats. Scroll down for the official press release.
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Twizy Cargo: a Twizy for business users!

The Twizy family is expanding with Twizy Cargo, a new version designed for carrying goods. A large boot and door make their appearance at the rear. Twizy Cargo is a new take on the smart, fun, go-anywhere all-electric LCV.

Twizy Cargo in brief:

A 180l / 75 kg boot, replacing the rear seat
Stowage available from the rear using a lockable door
Available with the Life 45 and 80 trim
From €8,080 incl. VAT (Cargo 45) and €8,780 incl. VAT (Cargo)*

Twizy, Europe's best selling electric vehicle, always turns heads. Its qualities are clear to business users, since 60% of buyers are companies. A highly driveable car, uniquely easy to use and with running costs of virtually zero, Twizy is the ideal companion for business users.

A new Twizy to go further...

Twizy Cargo is an eminently functional vehicle developed by Renault Tech in cooperation with Renault Sport Technologies. It has the huge advantage of a watertight boot with a capacity of 180l (75 kg), accessible via a rear door that opens to 90°. This conversion was made possible by adapting the cut-out of the rear end and doing away with the passenger seat. The front seat is still moveable, and the door features a locking system that works with the ignition key.

The ultimate urban vehicle and now an LCV, Twizy Cargo is aimed primarily at delivery or express firms, such as lift operators, postal services and emergency services. Highly visible, it can be fitted with decals and customized.

In terms of safety, this compact vehicle has features worthy of a conventional vehicle, with a protective cabin, 4-point seatbelt and airbag.

A full array of advantages

Since Twizy Cargo is a vehicle converted by Renault, buyers can claim back VAT on the purchasing price and battery rental (from €50 month). A decisive argument for companies. Also, buyers gain the same warranty coverage as for other Twizy versions (two years unlimited mileage for the car, three years for the powertrain).

Clever Twizy Cargo clearly has all the assets necessary for clean, easy, economical deliveries. Without forgetting its incomparable agility and capacity to park anywhere.

Technical characteristics

MB L7e
Type Light quadricycle, limited to 45 kph Heavy quadricycle, limited to 80 kph
Engine All-electric
Homologated range 120 km (urban cycle ECE-15) 100 km (urban cycle ECE-15)
Power 5 hp 17 hp
Real range Around 80 km in eco-drivingand 50 km in extreme conditions of use
Vehicle dimensions l x w x h 2 338 x 1 237 x 1 454 mm
Boot dimensions 550 mm (d) x 500 mm (l) x 950 mm (h)
Boot capacity 180 l
Max load 75 kg
Unladen weight 347 kg 375 kg
Kerb weight 446 kg 474 kg
Number of places 1
Prices incl. VAT €8,080 €8,780
Prices excl. VAT €6,750 €7,350
* From €6,750 excl. VAT (Cargo 45) and €7,350 excl. VAT (Cargo)

About Renault TECH

For more than 25 years, Renault TECH has designed, built and sold converted vehicles and provided the services necessary to meet the needs of private and business customers, always respecting Group quality standards.

Renault Tech is a fully owned Renault business unit and part of Renault Sport Technologies. Specializing in adaptations and conversions, it works on different types of vehicle: LCVs, passenger cars, fleets and transport for people of reduced mobility.

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