Chevy Spark tops sales projections in first 12 months

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For a company that profits heavily from fullsize trucks and SUVs, Chevrolet has a surprisingly big hit on its hands with its smallest offering, the Spark. Automotive News is reporting that in its first 12 months in the US, the microcar has amassed 26,869 sales, which is 35 percent higher than the automaker originally estimated for the hatchback. The Spark has been on sale in other global markets since 2009, and Chevy has sold more than 720,000 units worldwide since its introduction.

Through May, the Korean-built Spark has sold a little more than 14,000 units putting it closer to the success of the Fiat 500 (17,562) rather than the low numbers from the Smart Fortwo (3,678) and Scion iQ (1,919). More importantly, its transaction price is the lowest in its segment (and presumably, the industry) with cars going for $14,563 on average, helping to bring new, younger customers to the Chevy brand. As for its sophomore year here in the US, there are a couple notable changes in store. First, the all-electric Spark EV will be joining the lineup, while Techno Pink paint will be dropped in favor of a new purple hue called Grape Ice.

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