Toyota will show Auris Hybrid production, Tweet by Tweet

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Think of it as a 325-step process in 140 characters or less. Toyota is going the social-media route to publicize production if its upcoming Auris Hybrid in the UK with updates on Twitter.

The Japanese automaker, says Automotive News Europe, will take the Twittersphere through the 325-step process of producing the hybrid wagon, including vehicle stamping, welding and painting. Toyota's Twitter page will also include links to videos, photos and blogs about the production cycle. Toyota started chirping this week, and we have to say it's perhaps a little too detailed for our Twitter feeds. It's full of things like this: "It takes 3.5 days of #training to learn how to control a forklift" and "Robots apply most of the paint for the top coat." Still, if you're interested the production process, dive in.

Toyota first revealed details of its next-generation Auris last August and showed the car off at the Paris Motor Show the following month. The new Auris Hybrid goes on sale in Europe this month.

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