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Toyota Auris Touring Sports is a handsome Prius V alternative [w/videos]

The Toyota Prius V has a lot to recommend it, but adventurous and sporty styling is not in its repertoire. That's why this new Auris Touring Sports has our attention. Claimed to be the "first full hybrid estate car" in the compact class, this two-box Auris has genuine visual panache to go with its load-lugging capability and parsimonious fuel econ

Toyota Auris gets new Touring Sports variant

Toyota showed off the Touring Sports version of the Auris next to the newly introduced Auris Hybrid at last year's Paris Motor Show, but didn't say much about it. Six months later, just ahead of the Ge

This cat thinks the Toyota Corolla is to die for

Cats generally don't like car rides. Cats universally detest veterinarians. Yet to showcase the die-for-it allure of the Toyota Corolla in New Zealand (which isn't our Corolla but the European Auris), ad house Saatchi and Saatchi asked, "What lengths would a cat go to for a ride if they loved it?"

2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid is sharper and sleeker in new form [w/video]

Toyota may have given us the full spec-sheet on its revised Auris before the car made its official Parisian debut, but our first live look at the next-generation wagon nevertheless proves compelling. The longer, lower five-door looks the part of a better-handling hatchback – just the role that Toyota hopes the hybrid can play in the European

Toyota says Auris isn't the next Matrix

A replacement for the Toyota Matrix is indeed long overdue, but according to Automotive News, a successor to the Japanese automaker's tall hatchback won't be found in the new 2013 Auris hatchback.

Toyota Auris goes further off the rails with 'Spanking Orchestra'

How do you follow up androgyny? With a Spanking Orchestra, obviously. Proving that the 2013 Toyota Auris has depths we haven't begun to comprehend, Toyota's Japanese ad agency has followed up the Jonathon Ramsey

Toyota shocks ad world with topless androgynous model

This one will take some puzzling. Toyota has released an ad for the company's brand-new 2013 Auris hatchback, complete with a topless model. It's not what you think, however. The agency behind the spot contracted Stav Strashko, a 19-year-old male model born in the Ukraine and raised in Israel

New Toyota Auris revealed ahead of Paris Motor Show

The Toyota Auris has been comprehensively reworked, now only awaiting its Paris Motor Show debut. It's still a small package, but it's got a big burden: Toyota says it represents a "determination to engineer cars that are more appealing and dynamically engaging to drive while building on its long-established reputation for quality, durabil

Toyota and Lexus show off at Tokyo Auto Salon

Prius G Sports Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Toyota and Lexus show off at Tokyo Auto Salon

Lexus F-Sport CT200h – Click above for high-res image gallery

Geneva Preview: Toyota pulls the sheet on retouched Auris

2010 Toyota Auris - Click above for high-res image gallery

Frankfurt 2009: Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept needs a shorter name

Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Officially Official: Toyota will build hybrid Auris in UK

Toyota Auris Optimal Drive - Click above for high-res image gallery

Euro-only Toyota Auris gains sporty SR180 model

click above for high resolution gallery of the Toyota Auris SR180

Toyota officially launches the Blade

As we reported yesterday, Toyota announced today the availability of a new premium compact hatchback called the Blade. Based on the Auris, the Blade gets a sharper edge of style with a sculpted front end that's more aggressive than the bloated face of the Auris. Unlike what we told you yesterday, Toyota did not announce a powerful 280-hp V6 as an engine option for the Blade, at leas

Toyota releases new Corolla in Japan

Toyota will begin selling their newest iteration of the Corolla in Japan later this month and the image above is a stark departure from the recently debuted Auris concept in Paris. The new JDM Corolla is a subtle redesign and will not form the basis for future sedans sold stateside, which will draw more cues from the Auris and come equipped with a 2-liter engine.

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