The band of misfits from Petrolicious have set their lenses on something truly delectable: Randy Balingit-Hartmann's 1989 BMW M5. The car is spotlessly clean, but it hasn't been sealed away in a garage somewhere for posterity. Balingit-Hartmann bought his M5 brand new, and it was one of the first models in Southern California.

Since then, he's piled over 400,000 miles on the machine bombing through the canyons and hills around San Diego. It's still running the original transmission and rear differential, though the engine has been given a substantial freshening. There's also been a bit of suspension and exhaust work to keep the car quick over all these years.

Originally, Balingit-Hartmann purchased the car in his early 20s, and had to have his father come to the dealership with him to get the salesman to take him seriously. Since then, he's kept the car through life's highs and lows and a full passel of jobs, but the M5 remained a constant. Cheers to that. You can check out the beautifully told story below, and you can check out all the videos we've covered from Petrolicious here.

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