A pedestrian in the middle of a very busy four-way intersection is never a wise idea... apparently unless you are a 21-year-old Canadian named Artur. For reasons only described as "broken red light," the young man, wearing nothing more visible than a light blue top, recently stood his ground and braved cars, trucks and buses as he guided everyone safely through a Toronto intersection.

The most surprising part of the video isn't that Artur emerged unscathed (we really didn't expect him to get run over, as there is a small traffic-free area in the middle of every intersection, assuming drivers are paying attention), but rather the amount of authority he is able to project over motorists while keeping the flow of traffic and pedestrians moving safely. We don't know what he does for a living, but there is a job with a reflective vest and a whistle waiting for him if he wants a change of career. In fact, the Good Samaritan won't even have to wait that long for the special vest – a concerned truck driver stops in the middle of the intersection to give him one.

Where were the authorities during all this? You'll have to watch the viral video below and find out.

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