The man known to some in Israel as "Captain Sunshine" may bring bankrupt battery-swapping firm Better Place out of the dark by potentially buying the company's assets, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Yosef Abramowitz, who built Israel's first commercial solar field about two years ago, is in talks with potential business partners about bidding on Better Place, which filed for bankruptcy late last month after selling about 1,300 cars in Israel (900) and Denmark (400). Abramowitz, co-founder of Arava Power Co., said on his Facebook wall that he's neither confirming nor denying making an offer.

Better Place, which planned to keep its battery-swapping stations open through mid-June and has enough cash to operate for about a month, ousted founder Shai Agassi as CEO last October after the company booked about $400 million in losses since starting up in 2007. Better Place was only able to get a commitment from one model, the Renault Fluence, to be used for the battery-swapping program, and shut down its operations in the US and Australia shortly after letting Agassi go.

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