And the worst backseat drivers are...

Nobody likes a backseat driver. We don't need a study to tell us that we, as licensed pilots of two-plus-ton vehicular machines, don't enjoy commentary from the back seat, the passenger seat, or any other seat telling us to slow down, take the next left or asking us to fiddle with the stereo. We trust you agree.

That said, a study was indeed conducted by that sought to answer the question, "Who are the worst backseat drivers?" No, the answer din't prove to be racing legends like Stirling Moss (pictured above). Not surprisingly, spouses are the main culprits, at least according to the small sampling of 500 people who responded to the survey. Again – honey, I love you – we're not surprised. Thirty-four percent of women polled pointed accusatory fingers at their husbands, and a full forty percent of husbands pointed right back at their wives.

Other likely offenders include mothers (not fathers, interestingly) and friends. Sons and daughters got off the hook for the most part... perhaps because they are too busy updating their Facebook status or texting friends to pay attention to their parents' driving.

Besides the obvious commentary on speed and directions, responses of unwanted behavior from backseat drivers include talking too much, pushing an imaginary brake pedal, singing and eating. For more on the study and some possible solutions to these annoyances, click here to read more about the study.

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