Revisiting Dick Guldstrand's forgotten Corvette ZR-1

The crew from Electric Federal recently sat down with Dick Guldstrand to discuss the builder's favorite creation. Guldstrand grew up during the glory days of the California hot rod scene and made a name for himself racing and building Chevrolet Corvette bruisers. In the early '90s, he became dismayed at rumors that General Motors was considering cancelling the sports car. In order to stoke a little excitement, Guldstrand picked up a 475-horsepower Corvette ZR-1 and let designer Steve Winter loose on the car. The result became the short-lived 1994 Guldstrand Corvette GS90 Coupe.

While the car retained its factory side glass, windshield and rearview mirrors, nearly every other exterior body panel received significant tweaking. Guldstrand also fitted the car with beefier anti-roll bars and coil-over suspension at all four corners. Combined with larger wheels and tires, the GS90 is said to have handled substantially better than the ZR-1 on which it was based. Of course, the cars were also pricey at $206,208 apiece. Guldstrand only sold six, but that clearly hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for his creation. Check out the Electric Federal video essay on the builder and his GS90 below.

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