Any old codger wondering if our future's in good hands should check out what Juan Ehringeras is doing with his Honda S2000. The high school senior is rebuilding the two-seater as an all-electric vehicle, and seems to be having fun with the process, according to Motor Authority.

Ehringeras, who chose the car because it was cheap (hey, it was damaged) and lightweight, has built his own battery packs and has gone genius on a bunch of other little features for his new ride. Ehringeras didn't talk single-charge range but did say the electric motor will be able to deliver about 780 horsepower. You read that right. For a kid in a two-seater.

The student appears to be continuing a tradition of young gearheads putting their own spin on the modern EV. West Philadelphia High School made news a couple of years back with its entrees in the Automotive X-Prize alt-fuel vehicle competition. And way back in early 2008, we reported on then-high schooler Andrew Angellotti turning his 1988 Mazda B2200 pickup truck into an all-electric green machine. Check out a short video of the S2000's test drive below. Yes, youth is served.

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