Buying into a new, fledgling automaker is always a big risk – the early-adopter upside has the potential to be great, but the downside can look like the mother of all hangovers. Unsurprisingly, that's the unpleasant financial reality facing Fisker Karma owners as they look to unload their extended-range electric sedans while the company's future bleakens.

We've been keeping tabs on used Karma prices on eBay Motors and other websites for some time now, and there's been a steady stream of the voluptuous sedans on offer since not long after they first became available. Early on, we initially chalked that up to speculators, but moved on to imagining disgruntled owners as more and more mechanical and electrical problems were brought to light. Now, however, there's a bumper crop of Fisker models on the used market, with NBC News and Business Insider reporting that pre-owned examples are trading for under half their six-digit MSRPs just one year ago. Around 2,500 Karmas were made, and eBay Motors is playing host to 26 of them alone as this piece is being written. Scan over to AOL Autos' listings, and there are 126 entries.

For its part, the embattled startup has yet to declare bankruptcy, but it has laid off most of its employees and hired experts in the field suggesting they will soon. What's more, officials are looking to to recover as much of the $192 million in federal loans the company received, and despite some potential suitors sniffing around, no buyer for the company has emerged. No surprise, then, that Karma owners are looking to unload their models, likely fearing not only for their vehicles' resale values, but also the continued availability of parts and service.

Question: If Karma prices continue to crater apace, how soon until shadetree mechanics follow the lead of Bob Lutz's VL Automotive Destino, which bins the Fisker's complex plug-in hybrid powertrain in favor of the supercharged LS9 V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1?

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