LA Congestion (flickr, intellidryad)
Los Angeles is a city known for it's celebrity lifestyle, but the city recently regained the number one spot in the country on a less desirable A-list, traffic congestion.

The 2012 Traffic Scorecard released by INRIX, a software company that provides real time traffic information, found that traffic congestion is up across the board in 2013, after two years of decline. They credit the increased traffic with an improving economy.

Data was collected and aggregating on the amount of time that congestion added to drivers peak hour commute for each road in L.A. They found that the 405 is LA's worst freeway; the 8.1-mile stretch leading to Mullholland Dr. takes drivers over 50 minutes on Tuesday mornings – the worst day and time of the week.

L.A. reclaimed the number one position from Honolulu, though 2012's most congested city sill follows close behind this year at number two. San Francisco, Austin TX, and New York City finish up the top five. The city that saw the largest increase was Boston, where congestion went up 30%.

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