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New traffic data suggest L.A., NYC no longer top most-congested U.S. cities

Report says each American loses 97 hours of their life per year in traffic

Report says each American loses 97 hours of their life per year in traffic.

Los Angeles continues to reign supreme with world's worst traffic

New York City, San Francisco and Atlanta were in the top 10.

We're only the fifth most-congested country overall.

Drivers waste billions of dollars in the battle for parking, study says

Parking is one tense front in cities' war on cars.

Parking is one tense front in cities' war on cars.

Americans trust tech companies more than automakers on self-driving cars

INRIX survey finds attitudes about self-driving cars differ by country.

Baby Boomers (mostly) aren't on board.

Alexa may be coming to more cars in the near future

Inrix is developing an Alexa virtual assistant for carmakers. Who will use the system is an open question right now.

Inrix Traffic app uses AI to learn your driving habits

The company just completely redesigned its iOS and Android Traffic apps, adding machine learning features, calendar integration and more.

Audi adding search for parking functionality to all connected models

To help its customers through the nightmare of finding urban parking spots, Audi has rolled out Inrix Park services as a standard no-cost feature bundled into its subscriber-based Audi Connect services. Accessed through the automaker's MMI navigation system, Inrix provides a way to check space availability, garage hours, compare rates and gauge pro

Los Angeles Ranked No. 1 In Traffic Congestion

L.A. beat out 2012 winner Honolulu

Los Angeles is a city known for it's celebrity lifestyle, but the city recently regained the number one spot in the country on a less desirable A-list, traffic congestion.

Inrix introduces first global system to guide your car to empty parking spaces

When the book The Secret and the law of attraction was all the rage, one of the most common examples we heard of how people used their innate ability to create whatever they wanted in the world was some variation on, "I envisioned there being an open parking spot." Now you can skip the book and the visualizations with the global parking navigation service launched by Inrix at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

A Look At What's Ahead For Real-Time Traffic Technology

Real-time traffic data is used by motorists who receive in-car updates via their nav system and smartphones in hopes of avoiding unexpected gridlock. Until recently, the information has been less than helpful due to lag and inaccuracies. But that's all about to change.