GM's Reuss would like a 'nice, light, rear-drive car that's inexpensive'

We'll admit we had to read the quote from General Motors President of North America Mark Reuss a few times just to make sure we weren't missing something obvious. But it is correct – Reuss told Automotive News he'd like "A really nice, light, rear-drive car that's inexpensive..." to join the Chevrolet line-up. Which means, if we've read this correctly, that Reuss wants the same thing that enthusiasts have been caterwauling about, like rutting cats and babies with colic, to join the Mazda Miata since the demise of the Honda S2000 – even after the arrival of the Subaru BRZ/ Scion FR-S. The rest of the quote: "[W]e know that rings a bell." Indeed. As loud as Christ Church Cathedral, Mr. Reuss.

Mind you, this present-day evolution of Reuss' comments made at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show is still only wishlist material. As then, such a car is "not on the drawing board" according to AN. Even if it were, it wouldn't look like the 130R concept whose warm reception still has Reuss talking about the kind of car it represents. Nevertheless, if such a car were to appear, its sweet spot is the gentler end of the $20,000s, and it would utilize a "scalable and efficient" platform to compete against those aforementioned Japanese twins.

Feel free to speculate in Comments as to what kind of coupe Chevrolet should join the competition with, then forget this ever happened.

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