An 8-year-old girl leapt out of her mother's speeding car and onto the I-94 freeway near Mt. Elliot, Mich., remarkably sustaining only minor injuries. How could something like this happen and how could you prevent it?

According to WXYZ 7, the girl unbuckled her seat belt and jumped out of the window. What's not clear is what child safety elements were engaged in the mother's car. There are many tools available to drivers that will prevent children from hurting themselves while in the car.

The National highway Traffic Administration says children between the ages of 4 and 8 should use a booster seat when riding in a vehicle. Booster seats feature a harness that restrict children more than a normal seat belt would. A child can ride without a booster seat when they are tall enough to sit with their back against the seat and their feet planted on the floor, which is usually around 4' 9" in height.

Child lock windows also could have prevented this little girl's tumble. A safety feature in many cars, the driver can engage Child lock windows so that kids can't play with automatic window controls in the back seat. Windows can also be set to go down only halfway.

Luckily, fellow drivers honked their horns to alert her mother. She was rushed to Children's Hospital in Detroit for a cut on her forehead and bruises. The case is now under review with Child Protective Services, but it seems that the little girl may have some mental issues, according to WXYZ.

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