Bicyclists walk away after terrifying Mulholland motorcycle crash

Now for a lesson in target fixation. As we're sure most of you know, your vehicle tends to go where your eyes go, and that's doubly true for motorcycles. Lock eyes with something you don't want to hit and invariably, that's precisely what you'll do. One rider in California recently found that out the hard way when he was confronted with a pair of bicyclists pedaling up Mulholland Highway. The rider exited a corner with plenty of angle left in his bike at a completely reasonable and legal speed, but panic took over when he spotted the cyclists. Rather than continue to lean, and thus turn, the rider grabbed a foot full of brake, stood his motorcycle upright and rammed both bicycles from behind.

All we can say is, it was a miracle no one was seriously injured in the collision. Everyone appears to have walked away with a few scrapes and bruises. You can watch the video below to see the whole disaster take shape, just be warned that the clip isn't for the weak of stomach. There's no serious gore, but watching the cyclists play Gumby is a terrifying sight all the same. There's some explicit not-safe-for-work language, too.

As riders of both bicycles and motorcycles, we sympathize with both parties. Yes, the motorcycle rider is clearly at fault here, and yes, the bicycles have a right to be on the road. They were even well to the shoulder as they should have been, but part of riding a bicycle is choosing where to do so safely. Sure, Mulholland is a mecca for both bicyclists and motorcycle riders, but the winding canyon road is far from a safe stretch of asphalt for slow-moving vehicles of any ilk.

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