While the beaver has lately made headlines for attacking people, the otter seen in this video from YouTuber iSparra stays on the playful side as it romps around the inside of a vehicle uninvited. Or rather, it stayed on the playful side since, full disclosure, this video is old – but for some reason it's just floated to the top of the Internet's consciousness right now, having just gone viral. And where else are you going to be able to read the comment, "Grand Theft... otto," right?

The setup: Tourists in the wilds of Borneo returned to their SUV and the otter jumped in when they opened the doors. Then he wouldn't get out. Then, although it's not in the video, he apparently chased the vehicle when they finally managed to extricate him and leave. Warning, there's a spot of foul language about 15 seconds in the video below, but otherwise it's otter, otter everywhere.

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