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Iceland in a Renault camper van | A beautiful place to break down

Touring a hot (volcanic and otherwise) travel destination.

Iceland is quickly becoming a hot tourist destination, with the amount of visitors having doubled in the past two years (thanks millennials). And it is no wonder why. The country is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and volcanic activity in the world.

Chinese tourists experience traditional American police chase

A family of three on vacation in San Diego led police on a high-speed chase over the weekend when they failed to stop for lights and sirens.

Playful otter makes bid for world's cutest hitchhiker

While the beaver has lately made headlines for attacking people, the otter seen in this video from YouTuber iSparra stays on the playful side as it romps around the inside of a vehicle uninvited. Or rather, it stayed on the playful side since, full disclosure, this video is old – but for some reason it's just floated to the top of the Internet's consciousness right now, having just gone viral. And where else are you going to be able