Toyota i-Road happily cruises the streets

This video might rank up there with Katrina & The Waves' "Walking On Sunshine" when it comes to putting the viewer in a good mood. Toyota does the honors by showing off a quartet of its all-electric i-Road concept vehicles literally sashaying through what appears to be a French seaside town in glorious digital effect style.

Narrow roads, stone streets, windy oceanside drives and traffic congestion are no match for these happy little vehicles, which are 850 millimeters wide (that's 33.4 inches to you and me, about as wide as a baseball bat is long). If you were wondering how the concept sways back and forth, it's because of what the Japanese automaker calls its "Active Lean" technology. Note how the fenders move up and down through the turns. "iRoll, iRock, i-Road" indeed.

Toyota showed off the three-wheeled concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week, complete with hourly driving demonstrations. You can see the official happy-go-lucky, 85-second video below.

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