Pink, mirror-finish paint. Or as Hamann says, "a color that exhibits nothing more but self-confidence." Basically, tuning company Hamann has created a vehicle that looks like it comes as part of the "Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll" Edition Barbie play set.

Its official name is the Mystère, based on the new-for-2013 Range Rover, and it's as ugly as it is shiny. As for the, um, body enhancements, Hamann created a four-part widebody kit out of carbon composite, adding 80 millimeters to the SUV's width. And by the way, don't just assume you know the full depth of the car's ugly from this fancy front three-quarter view. Have a good hard look at the nose, dead-on. Now you get it.

Hamann says that the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 has been fine-tuned and enhanced, but no power numbers are given. As for ride and handling, we can only imagine that it's significantly worse than the stock Range Rover, what with the car sitting a full 40 millimeters lower to the ground, now riding on 23-inch wheels wrapped in 305/30-series rubber.

We weren't able to get a look inside, but we can only imagine what's been done to the Rangie's interior. Hamann says the "in-house upholstery department can fulfill all your designer wishes" with a wide range of carbon, aluminum, leather, alcantara, double clear coat and stainless steel finishes.

Perhaps our favorite part about the 2013 Geneva Motor Show is seeing what the random coachbuilder companies roll out for our viewing pleasure, and this Hamann Mystère is a truly exceptional piece of show candy. Click through the high-res image gallery to take it all in, and scroll down for the official press release.
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Stylish and bursting with power: HAMANN dresses up the Range Rover and turns it into the "MYSTÈRE"

The interaction of size, weight, and dynamics of the Range Rover has been subject of fascination for many years. HAMANN Motorsport alters this ratio by clearly emphasising on dynamics.

Range Rover has been synonymous with distinctiveness for many years – for exclusiveness and luxury. In this case, HAMANN uses a mirror-like pink paint, pushing the envelope of individualism. A high-gloss colour is used to finish the body, while the pink large-sized roof beams in a brushed matt finish. The body of the completely revamped, new Range Rover generation MYSTÉRE is dressed up in a colour that exhibits nothing more but self-confidence.

The front spoiler with its integrated LED daytime running lights is the first sign of car's display of dominance. The bonnet lives up the name HAMANN Motorsport. It is made completely of real carbon. The four-part widebody kit for the side skirts of the MYSTÉRE adds 80 mm to the car's width. The front wings, which are hand-made from special carbon GFK composite, the side skirts, the door fixtures, as well as the panels for the rear wheel wings add to this width.

The rear view is emphasised by the rear spoiler that integrates the end pipes of rear silencer that was developed especially for the Range Rover. The end pipes were not drawn or peened but milled from a solid block. By adding these details, HAMANN creates a link between the robust Range Rover image with its own motorsport history. Given these facts, it becomes clear that the engineers from the German town of Laupheim will again fine-tune and increase at the power of the 5 Litre V8 supercharged power train.

This requires optimized road handling; however, which has already been implemented. The electronic lowering module used for the HAMANN MYSTÉRE brings the car 40 mm closer to the pavement. Inside the wheel housings you will find 23 inch forged rims, either the three-part "Edition Race" with a polished rim flange and Titan bolts or the single unit variant "Unique Forged". Continental tyres, size 305/30/23 are mounted to all four wheels.

This individual approach is continued in the interior. The HAMANN logo or the signature can be found on the door sill trims and the velour floor mats. Furthermore, the in-house upholstery department can fulfil all your designer wishes with materials such as leather, Alcantara, double-clear-coat finishes, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon, and much more.

Thus, a new Range Rover is being created in Laupheim that reaches dimensions in regard to individuality and dominance that was previously unimaginable.

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