As a general rule, we try to follow a few simple principles throughout the day, and one of the most important is, "don't anger the road workers." Why? The guys and girls responsible for taking care of our nation's roadways wield the seldom-seen power to seriously put a kink your day. If you need proof, look no further than the clip in the video below. In it, workers in Tel Aviv, Israel carefully paint a handicap space around an otherwise legally parked vehicle. After they finish, it doesn't take long for a tow truck to come along and haul off the "offending" sedan.

The owner was then fined around $270 for being illegally parked, and took to Facebook to vent about her situation. Local authorities got wind of the situation and quickly apologized, saying, "This was a severe mistake and a case of incompetence that the city of Tel Aviv does not accept." The city is reportedly also working to make sure something similar does not happen again. Check out the scene in the video below.

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