Why Google's autonomous car tech could be worth more than its web business

According to Forbes, Google may be into driverless cars for more than the party tricks. As part of a three-part series on the tech giant's foray into the automotive sphere, writer Chunka Miu says Google's efforts could have a widespread impact on the nature of transportation worldwide. The company believes it can theoretically reduce traffic accidents, energy consumption and the number of personal vehicles on the road by 90 percent should autonomous models take hold, and those savings could equate to a massive revenue stream as automakers work to adapt the technology to their products.

What's more, the technology could revolutionize the way developing countries design their infrastructure, and Google could theoretically be there to lend a helping hand. Forbes says the autonomous vehicle business could be worth trillions of dollars in the long term, far surpassing the company's current search, advertising and mobile platform operations.

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