If there's anything more manly than a V8 coffee table, it's a V8 coffee table carved from hardwood. That's exactly what Steve Brandenburg of Lexington, Kentucky spends his spare time crafting.

What started as a melding of passions has garnered Brandenburg recognition at local car and trade shows, in national magazines and even on PowerBlock TV. Now the artist wants to take his efforts to the next level, and he's asking for your help. A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway to help Brandenburg Wood Works get off the ground.

Brandenburg carves all of his creations by hand, without the aid of a CNC machine, and the incredibly-detailed pieces are unlike anything we've seen before. In addition to full-scale small block V8 engines, the artist also whips up recreations of vintage oil cans, wooden spark plugs and wooden license plates (check them out here and in the video below).

Depending on pledge level, contributors to the campaign can expect to receive those goodies as thanks for their support. You can check out the full details on the Kickstarter page. While Brandenburg's immediate goal is to raise enough money to enter the St. James Court Art Show, he also needs more materials, a lathe and a cargo van to transport his pieces.

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