Since the Detroit Auto Show almost 12 months ago, Tesla began calling 2012 the Year of the Model S. Following the US launch earlier this year, the all-electric sedan is about to go on sale in Europe. Tesla's latest email newsletter reveals a bit about how the company is preparing audiences around the world – namely Canada and Hong Kong – for the Model S.

For Canada, the Model S needed "new labels, language modifications and a vehicle immobilizer" before Transport Canada would certify the car. Deliveries will be starting very soon. Tesla's first Canadian store is in Toronto. The immobilizer is a device that would be good to have in other regions, too, since it automatically prevents the car from starting if the keys are not present – an anti-theft device, in other words.

Meanwhile, over in Hong Kong, Tesla has already received around 300 reservations for the Model S (and Model X). Last week, at the official launch at the Cyberport Arcade, these reservation holders were able to meet each other and test drive the EV on the streets of Hong Kong.

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