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BMW i3 continues to shed camo as it whirs silently toward production

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While BMW was parading around its high-concept i3 Coupe at the LA Auto Show this year, the engineers and test drivers have been hard at work honing the real deal on the mean streets of, well, someplace European.

This is the same basic tester that we've seen in previous sets of spied images, though showing a bit more skin than in past outings. BMW has removed some of the obfuscating fake body panels from the i3, giving us a clearer view of the small car's taught and rather complex surfacing. Further, we've got a much better idea of what the production car's "face" will look like now, as the headlights have been somewhat less completely taped over, showing us the swept shape of the lenses.

The vehicle seen here is reportedly the range-extended Hybrid, rather than the pure EV. This car supposedly has a 600cc two-cylinder engine to sooth driver's minds on long trips, and improve on the electric car's presumed 100-mile range.

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