Let it be noted that the best way to stop an out-of-control car with no brakes is to try engaging the parking brake. That being said, it's also a terrifying occurrence, so logic is sometimes thrown out the window in lieu of more of a reflex-oriented response. Brian Reynolds, 40, found himself in the latter scenario when the brakes on his Chevrolet pickup failed near a park in Salem, Massachusetts. While it isn't clear whether Reynolds attempted to engage the parking/emergency brake, at some point he opened the door and tried pulling a Fred Flintstone, using his foot to try and stop his truck.
At some point after opening his door, the Salem Patch reports that Reynolds fell out of his still-moving truck. The pickup ran over his leg before continuing down the street, only to crash into a fire hydrant. Although the specific injury wasn't reported, Reynolds was hospitalized, and adding insult to injury (in the most literal sense of the phrase), the local police reportedly ticketed him for operating a vehicle with defective equipment.

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