One of the harsh realities encountered by some in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is the damage done to their beloved classic cars. Such a story may not make it to CNN, so Hagerty Insurance set about chronicling the efforts by several owners to preserve their classics during the storm.

One owner from Staten Island lost a 1977 Ford F-250 Custom pickup. He tried desperately to save his truck, attempting to start it as the waters rose around the vehicle. At one point, he says the water started pouring into the truck. It eventually became impossible to open the doors, and had to crawl out the window. For him and others electrical, brakes and other systems failed when the brackish water rose around the cars.

Some may label the pining over a lost classic insensitive, given the larger issue of rebuilding and reclaiming these costal areas. However, these cars are as much a part of their memories as baby pictures or family heirlooms. There are personal connections with these vintage automobiles that may have been lost forever.

This video just goes to show the powerful bond that some owners have with their treasured classics.

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