Ford is getting pretty creative with ad spots for the new 2013 Ford Fusion. After seeing Ford make its rivals disappear, we now get to see it make the new Fusion fly. In a new television commercial called Cliff, the car is shown being driven off the side of a mountain and flying through the air. Instead of relying solely on CGI to make the car fly, Ford threw in some good old-fashioned stunt driving for added realism.

As in any stunt, this Fusion was modified for optimal safety and effect. All of the windows were replaced with Mylar, the airbags were removed and ballast was added to the trunk to give the car better balance for flying. For the jump itself, the car hit the five-foot ramp at 52 miles per hour, and it flew for 90 feet before crashing into 2,000 cardboard boxes. After all was said and done, it took two days to create the jump for the 30-second spot.

Scroll down to see how the commercial's stunt was performed and then check out the final product. We just wonder if the new Fusion will get a Dixie Horn option like the General Lee.

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