Bernie Ecclestone is reportedly interested in adding more American Formula One races to the sport's schedule. The CEO was quoted as saying "America is about as big as Europe. So we should have the same number of races [in each]." Since next season will see a total of seven events on European soil, it would seem to indicate Ecclestone is keen to swell the number of American races significantly. The 2013 season was supposed to see US competitions with teams stopping in Austin, Texas at the new Circuit of the Americas and in New Jersey for a race on a public street course. The latter event has been cancelled until at least 2014 due to financial and time constraints.

F1 still doesn't draw nearly the attention in the US as it does elsewhere in the world, but sponsors are doubtlessly very aware of the sport's advertising potential in one of the world's largest auto markets. For now, Ecclestone is keeping his mouth shut about where future US races could be located.

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