We've met plenty of people in our time that can't quite master the act of driving. Legs and feet operating the pedals and arms and hands sawing away at the wheel – it's really not that difficult, right?

But what if you're two limbs short of the typical allotment? That would surely complicate matters... but would a lack of arms make operating a motor vehicle impossible? Apparently not.

Tisha Shelton, known on YouTube as Tisha UnArmed, is a 26-year-old woman who was born with no arms. But she doesn't let a lack of limbs keep her from living her life the way she wants, and she shows the world's inquiring minds how it's done on video – and that includes driving along with going through a drive-thru, shopping, wearing makeup, eating sushi with chopsticks and even taking a shower. It's impressive, to say the least.

And now for the big question: Is it safe for a person who was born without arms to drive on public roads? Clearly, Tisha has a driver's license, meaning she was able to pass whatever tests her state of Missouri required, and so far, she apparently hasn't demonstrated herself to be more dangerous than other motorists. That said, feel free to express your own opinion (and please keep the comments clean and fair, folks) in our unscientific poll, but not before seeing how she does it in the included videos below.

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