In the somewhat unlikely event that you've managed to escape this video of the world's most unlikely burnout machine, behold the clip in all its glory. A few creative gents managed to shove a turbocharged gasoline Volvo B21ET four cylinder from an overseas 240 in the nose of a tractor. They call it the "Terror Tractor," which, by some odd twist of the universe, is also the name of a passable metal band from Manhattan, Kansas. In stock form, the engine made around 157 horsepower, which is simply ludicrous by the mightily-geared standards of the tractor world.

The creation picks up its peasant skirt and hustles with a hurry, slinging sod and leaving the driver to hold on for dear life. It also does incredible burnouts, sending those pricey bar tires smoking with the drop of a clutch. Yes friends, this is our type of awesome. Check it out in the video below.

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