Bertrand Delanoê, the socialist mayor of Paris, has submitted a proposal to the French capital's city council that aims to ban all cars and utility vehicles 17 years of age or older from use inside the A86 motorway. Buses and trucks 18 years old or older would also be prohibited from inside the city proper. The proposed ban is largely aimed at reducing emissions, though it also includes a stipulation barring motorcycles built before 2004. According to The Telegraph, Delanoê argues that such machines are "the most polluting and noisiest." But opponents of the measure say the proposal would only serve to exclude less wealthy individuals from driving in Paris.

In response, the socialist party has said it would introduce programs to help individuals update their vehicles through a program to swap old machines for new ones. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely given the strict austerity measures sweeping the European Union.

Delanoê's critics, meanwhile, have said the proposal is more likely political posturing than any real attempt at changing policy.

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