For 50 years, residents of Coral Gables, Florida weren't permitted to park pickup trucks in their driveways due to a local ordinance aimed at preserving the community's classy aesthetic. As you may recall, police began enforcing the rule last year by handing out citations with a $100 fine to anyone caught parking trucks on their property overnight. The fines could climb as high as $500. Former resident Lowell Kuvin waged an eight-year legal battle with the city to get the law repealed, but the Florida Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that the municipality had the authority to control its aesthetics.

But the citizens of Coral Cables put the ordinance on this year's ballot and voted to repeal the law. While residents seemed divided on the issue, most agreed the ban now served more as a class issue than anything else. Large SUVs, for instance, were entirely acceptable under the old ban.

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