Coral Gables to issue tickets to pickup owners who park in their own driveways overnight

Truck ownership in Coral Gables, Florida just got a bit more expensive. According to the Miami Herald, the city is ready to start enforcing a rule that's been on the books since the '60s. Truck owners are not allowed to park their pickups on city streets between 7pm and 7am. The rule doesn't stop at the street, however, because truck owners also aren't allowed to park their vehicles in their own driveways.

The town is currently handing out warning notices to offending truck owners. Beginning August 9th, parking enforcement will start handing out real fines. The first offense will cost you $100, but after that the fine can climb to $500. We would poll you and ask if you think this is outrageous, but we're pretty sure we're mostly in agreement on this one.

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