Hyundai officials are not afraid to make their views known on prevailing technologies, standing by their choices and criticizing the alternatives. Previously, the Korean automaker's fuel cell boss told reporters that EV makers "jumped the gun." Now comes word that Hyundai is sticking by dual-clutch transmissions, citing the shortcomings of continuously variable transmissions.

A report from Automotive News points to words from Hyundai Motor America VP of product planning, Mike O'Brien, backing the dual-clutch technology. "Dual-clutch has a better future with us. It has better fuel economy advantages. It's better for the enthusiast driver. It matches [our product philosophy] better," said O'Brien, speaking at SEMA on Monday.

While it is noted that shifts with the dual-clutch units are not the smoothest available, O'Brien says that characteristic is outweighed by the parasitic losses experienced by CVTs resulting in poorer performance and fuel economy. According to the report, the "rubber band" effect experienced is also a setback, as is the limitation of engine size. CVTs are optimal only for smaller-displacement engines so application becomes an issue.

Hyundai currently offers the Veloster with a dual-clutch gearbox, though O'Brien has suggested that the application of such a transmission could expand in Hyundai's future.

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