Honda drops full details about incredibly adorable N-One

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Honda Japan has dropped all of the savory details about its new Kei car, the cute 'n cuddly N-One.

The N-One builds on the JDM-only N line for the automaker, which already produces an N Box and N Box+ for Japanese consumers. The boxy Kei car will offer two powerplants displacing 660cc each, one naturally aspirated and one turbocharged, as well as both front- and all-wheel- drive configurations. All N-One models rely on a continuously variable transmission. Honda isn't giving up the goods in terms of output figures for the N-One engines, save to say that the turbo will have performance "equivalent to a vehicle in the 1.3L class."

We are, of course, super jealous of all Kei car experiences, but that's particularly true here, as the N-One's pert, rounded-box looks bring Honda's N360/N600 styling cues up to date, and the city car's funky interior treatment make us positively green with envy. Take a closer look at our extensive gallery of images, and don't miss all the full details in the press release below.
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Honda to Begin Sales of All-new "N-ONE" Mini-vehicle

TOKYO, Japan, November 1, 2012 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced it will begin sales of the N-ONE, the third model of the new N Series mini-vehicle following the N BOX and the N BOX +, on November 2nd at dealerships across Japan.

The N-ONE was developed in the motif of the N360, the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car introduced to the market in 1967, and inherits Honda's M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) concept*1 which is the starting point of Honda's automobile design. With this new model, Honda engineers strived to build a new basic car with their passion to propose a new type of vehicle for the new era in Japan, which will enjoy enduring popularity.

Key features of the N-ONE include a spacious cabin which comfortably accommodates four adults, and an improved acceleration performance. Further, stable driving performance and excellent quietness even during highway driving were realized through adoption of a lightweight and highly-rigid body and an exclusively-developed suspension. In addition to these key features, the N-ONE realizes excellent fuel economy of 27.0km/L*2. Moreover, for the first time among all mini-vehicles in the market*3, the N-ONE features the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system as standard equipment on all types.

The N-ONE lineup also includes a higher grade model, the N-ONE Premium, which features a high-quality exterior and interior which are beyond those of any models in the mini-vehicle category. Furthermore, to accommodate the unique tastes of individual customers, a great variety of exterior colors are offered with total 11 body colors and a 2-tone color style, which has different colors for the body and roof.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices in Japan

Type Engine Transmission Drive Price (in yen)
consumption tax)
Price (in yen)
consumption tax)
G 660cc
CVT FWD 1,150,000 1,095,239
4WD 1,270,000 1,209,524
2-tone color style FWD 1,207,750 1,150,239
4WD 1,327,750 1,264,524
G・L Package FWD 1,240,000 1,180,953
4WD 1,360,000 1,295,239
2-tone color style FWD 1,297,750 1,235,953
4WD 1,417,750 1,350,239
Tourer 660cc
FWD 1,230,000 1,171,429
4WD 1,350,000 1,285,715
2-tone color style FWD 1,287,750 1,226,429
4WD 1,407,750 1,340,715
Tourer・L Package FWD 1,370,000 1,304,762
4WD 1,490,000 1,419,048
2-tone color style FWD 1,427,750 1,359,762
4WD 1,547,750 1,474,048

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Type Engine Transmission Drive Price (in yen)
consumption tax)
Price (in yen)
consumption tax)
Premium 660cc
CVT FWD 1,360,000 1,295,239
4WD 1,480,000 1,409,524
2-tone color style FWD 1,417,750 1,350,239
4WD 1,537,750 1,464,524
Premium・L Package FWD 1,390,000 1,323,810
4WD 1,510,000 1,438,096
2-tone color style FWD 1,447,750 1,378,810
4WD 1,567,750 1,493,096
Premium Tourer 660cc
FWD 1,440,000 1,371,429
4WD 1,560,000 1,485,715
2-tone color style FWD 1,497,750 1,426,429
4WD 1,617,750 1,540,715
Premium Tourer・L Package FWD 1,530,000 1,457,143
4WD 1,650,000 1,571,429
2-tone color style FWD 1,587,750 1,512,143
4WD 1,707,750 1,626,429

Body Colors (Total 16 colors including 2 new colors)
N-ONE/N-ONE Premium (Total 11 colors)
・Premium White Pearl
・Alabaster Silver Metallic
・Crystal Black Pearl
・Premium Yellow Pearl II
・Milano Red
・Innocent Blue Metallic (new color)
・Premium Deep Mocha Pearl
・Cherry Shell Pink Metallic
・Premium Blue Moon Pearl (new color)
・Polished Metal Metallic
・Premium Deep Rosso Pearl
2-tone Color Style (Total 5 colors)
・Taffeta White × Innocent Blue Metallic
・Crystal Black Pearl × Premium White Pearl
・Crystal Black Pearl × Milano Red
・Crystal Black Pearl × Premium Yellow Pearl II
・Starry Silver Metallic × Premium Blue Moon Pearl

Interior Colors (Total 3 colors)

[Key Features of N-ONE]
Timeless N design which is friendly and impressive:
・ Individuality and innovativeness are expressed with the friendly and timeless hatchback style which was designed in the motif of the N360.
・ There are five color combinations for the 2-tone color style which more effectively highlights the individual tastes of customers.
・ The Interior design is simple and yet great attention was paid to ensure the quality feel of materials in every detail. Comfort and a sense of security were pursued with the large-size bench seat. With these factors, a comfortable cabin space was achieved that people will not grow tired of even after prolonged use.
・ A flat and cleanly fit audio system display was adopted. By connecting a smart phone using "InterNavi Pocket," a genuine navigation system application developed by Honda, the navigation screen can be displayed on the screen of the audio system (manufacturer's option).

High performance power unit which realizes top class*4 driving performance and fuel economy:
・ The DOHC Turbo engine equipped with a high-performance turbo charger is made available for all grades and realizes driving performance equivalent to a vehicle in the 1.3L class.
・ Both smooth and powerful driving and excellent fuel economy of 27.0km/L*2 were realized through the combination of the DOHC engine, which realizes top class output and torque, and optimally-tuned CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).
*4 The "height wagon" class within the mini-vehicle category (Honda's internal research as of October 2012)

Enhanced safety features which realize excellent safety performance:
・ For the first time among all mini-vehicles in the market, the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system, which responds to sudden braking and quickly blinks hazard lamps automatically to alert the drivers of trailing vehicles, is featured as standard equipment on all types.
・ VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system is standard equipment on all types.
・ HSA (Hill Start Assist) system that temporarily prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an upward incline is standard equipment on all types.
・ The side curtain airbag system which helps mitigate head impacts in a side collision and the front seat i-side airbag system are standard equipment on select model types*5.
・ The Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body, which features structures that absorb the impact of a collision on a pedestrian's head and legs in case of a collision, was adopted.
・ Class-leading omni-directional collision safety performance was realized with the newly-designed engine and new load distribution structure.
*5 The side curtain airbag system is standard equipment on L Package types. The front seat i-side airbag system is standard equipment on N-ONE Premium Tourer・L Package.

Environmental performance:
・ All types are certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2005 - 75% emissions standard.
・ NA (natural aspiration) engine types achieve fuel economy of 20% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard. Turbo engine types*6 achieve fuel economy 10% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard.
・ More than 90% of the entire vehicle is recyclable*7.

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