Whoever wins the presidential race will likely be pleased to hear this news: farmers (at least soybean farmers) are getting into biodiesel. Soybean farmers, through their checkoff program, are supporting the National Tractor Pullers Association spreading the word about biodiesel among tractor pulling fans. It will be showcased by NTPA allowing the use of 100 percent biodiesel in all diesel pulling competition classes starting next season.

NPTA is an association supported by Midwest farmers and government officials to maintain industry standards and excellence through competitive events. As for soybean checkoff, this is a national standard that soybean groups enacted years ago to comply with federal agriculture regulations. The idea behind the NPTA and soybean farmer alliance is to increase biodiesel demand by proving the performance benefits of biodiesel.

A recent industry study found that using B100 biodiesel in a pulling tractor can add up to four percent more horsepower and torque over traditional diesel. Biodiesel is also valued by agribusiness for improving mileage, cetane and lubricity, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and improving independence from foreign oil.

The United Soybean Board has been working with the NTPA for the past six years to help increase biodiesel availability and use among pulling fans. Another part of this biodiesel farmer competition that should go over well with Romney or Obama is that the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced it will require an increase of biodiesel next year – to 1.28 billion gallons of biodiesel under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Willy Nelson probably likes that one, too.

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