Quality Metalcraft's CEO Michael Chetcuti has got big plans for the Jeep Wrangler – big enough to seat six, in fact. This QMC Jeep dubbed the JK Six Pak, for obvious reasons, is here at SEMA as a sort of proof of concept project.

QMC has married the front portion of a JK Jeep Wrangler Unlimited four-door with the back half of the two-door vehicle, using a minimum of fabrication work to keep things clean and simple. The Six Pak rides on a custom lengthened chassis that was designed by Jeep aftermarket stalwart American Expedition Vehicles. In fact, AEV parts were used fairly extensively in this project: the front and rear bumpers, heat-extractor hood and roof rack all wear its stamp.

Other than the 4.5-inch lift kit and external AEV add-ons, the Six Pak actually looks remarkably like something that could have come from Jeep's own headquarters. The interior of the thing is well finished and seems awfully well screwed together for a one-off project that didn't roll out of an OEM workshop, which is, after all, kind of the point.

Chetcuti and QMC don't have any concrete plans to go forward with series production of the Six Pak... for now. The CEO did tell us that response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positive from SEMA show-goers so far, and that his dream scenario would be a tie-up with Jeep that would allow for reasonable access to the parts needed to build the six-seater on a grander scale.

You can show your support for the Six Pak, or just keep track of its progress, via its Facebook page, and/or by giving your opinions in comments below.

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