Highly modified Honda CBR1000RR hits 265 mph at Bonneville

While James Hoegh was running his Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat prototype to a record-setting 172.211 miles per hour at the BUB Motorcycle Trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Honda moto tuner Al Lamb was preparing his own attempt on a very different bike. His 400-horsepower Honda CBR1000 is a sit-on – as opposed to lie-down or fully streamlined in which the rider is hidden – but otherwise is about as faired as Hoegh's Confederate is naked.

Lamb ran a timed mile across the salt at an average of 265 mph, entering the mile at 264.647 mph and exiting at 265.795 mph. If that speed is ratified by the FIM oversight body, it would be a record for a sit-on bike. And even if it isn't, it's a serious chunk of wind-in-your-face speed no matter how much fairing is involved. The video proof is below, with fly-by shots that can only be classified as "ridiculous."

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