Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat prototype breaks Bonneville record [w/video]

James Hoegh's mission to go faster than 168.912 mph on a naked bike on the Bonneville Salt Flats has met success. Hoegh traversed the salt during the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at 172.211 mph, entering the books in the APF3000 class as the rider on the world's fastest big block American V-twin.

The prototype X132 Hellcat Combat ran with the 132-cubic-inch S&S XWedge engine used in the retail Hellcat, given a knife's-edge tune and plenty of performance bits so it could push through the air faster than any other.

There are three ways to follow in Hoegh's footsteps: break the record yourself, buy one of the limited-production-run Combat Hellcats that Confederate says will be coming next year, or become a physical therapist, which is Hoegh's day job. While you decide, there's a video chronicling the achievement below.

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