Since the Audi R8 launched back in 2008, Audi has done a great job of keeping its mid-engine supercar fresh. Between the V10, the Spyder and the GT models, it seems like there has been something new added to the R8 every year. The 2013 model year is going to bring more of the same. More than just an updated look, though, Audi engineers made sure to fine tune the R8's performance, and Audi has released a video showing exactly what goes into making improvements to a car like the R8.

We've already seen some of the making of Audi's video from the opposite side of the lens, and now we finally get to see what the new R8 looks like from Audi's point of view testing on the Nürburgring along with the Autobahn. There are some great shots of a camouflaged 2013 R8 blasting around the 'Ring as well as some of the car's build process including a look at the lightweight Audi Space Frame and watching builders drop the engine and transmission into the car's rear.

One of the more interesting elements of the video is hearing just how important the Nürburgring is to Audi. In the video, Stephan Reil, Quattro GmbH head of development, says that every Audi RS and R8 model must run an 8,000-kilometer (almost 5,000 miles) durability test around the Nordschleife and that in testing, Audi engineers equate one km on the 'Ring to 15 to 18 km on standard roads.

While we would love to hear more of the R8's exhaust note in the video below, it's still fun to watch and gives great insight about what went into updating this car.

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