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Lexus LFA Special Edition AD-X spied

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Lexus and its LFA may be still fairly young in the supercar world, but that doesn't mean the model has lacked for variants in its scant two-year existence. Last year we were given the Nürburgring Edition to chew on, and we've seen, periodically, some other very limited-edition models out and about.

The car that you see here – noted on the bodywork as "AD-X" – is another branch on the old family tree, then. Our sources indicate that the AD-X follows a naming convention for LFA special projects, the first of which going by AD-A, with an AD-B model also spotted over the last few months. All of the cars in question have been one-off models, so that is what we are anticipating with this red and white beauty, too.

Accenting the racy red/white livery are a black hood, roof, and wing; all of which are said to be unpainted carbon fiber, rather than a different shade of paint. That the car also wears an even more aggressive than standard body kit – you'll notice an extra chin spoiler on the front fascia of the car – which speaks to what we believe to be a higher level of performance overall. More power than the standard LFA's 552 horsepower could certainly be coaxed from the 4.8-liter V10, too. We'll wait for further word from Lexus and hope for a nice, round 600-horsepower output figure.

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