Geneva 2011: Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package is an orange crush

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Finally, the moment is upon us. Lexus has released the most-exclusive version of its already hyper-exclusive LFA supercar. Behold, in person, the 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition. For those who need reminding, the LFA is Lexus' $375,000 supercar. There will only be 500 LFAs built worldwide, and of those, a scant 50 will have the Nürburgring package bestowed on them.

The package takes the standard LFA, which is certainly no slouch on a racetrack, and makes it even harder core. To start with, Lexus added 10 horsepower to the LFA's 4.8-liter V10 (for a total of 562), and has dropped gearshift times from .20 seconds to .15.

Helping out the reworked go-bits is a track-tuned suspension calling the shots for Nürburgring Edition-specific basketweave wheels shod with very sticky, very expensive rubber. The bodywork on the LFA Nürburgring gets some upgrades, too, most notably a unique front splitter and a huge fixed rear wing. According to Lexus, the extra 10 ponies are to overcome the increased aerodynamic drag from the aero bits, not to make the car any quicker.

The car can be had in white, gloss or matte black or screaming orange as seen here. If you're lucky enough to be in line for one, you'll need to have an extra 70 large in your hand for the package. Add another $20k if you want it matte black. For all that, Lexus will let you choose between an all-black interior, a black and red interior or a black and purple interior – and if you're European, you can have an all-carbon fiber interior.

Of course, as part of the Nürburgring package, you'll also get access to the legendary German racetrack itself. Buyers get driving lessons with a special instructor, a branded jacket, and a one-year pass to the Nordschleife and to its related themepark. Ye-haw.

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* 50 Units Available
* Nürburgring Race Car Influenced Styling and Performance
* 562 Horsepower and Quicker Gear Changes

TORRANCE, Calif. (May 10, 2010) – Lexus announced today it will offer a limited edition Nürburgring Package to LFA customers.

"This Nürburgring Package builds on the track-ready Lexus supercar with styling cues from the 24 Hours of Nürburgring prototype LFA racecar," said Mark Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager. "Driving enthusiasts will also appreciate the Nürburgring Package's performance enhancements that were proven on the legendary German track."

The 4.8L V10 engine for Nürburgring Package equipped LFA's will produce 562 horsepower, 10 more horsepower than the standard high-performance LFA. The gear-shift time has been reduced by 0.05 seconds to only 0.15 seconds for even faster gear changes.

The Nürburgring Package is limited to only 50 units out of the 500 LFA hand-assembled for global distribution. It will also have the following features:

# A sport-tuned suspension, exclusive black mesh-type wheels and dedicated high-grip tires for better handling;
# And a larger front spoiler and fixed rear wing for improved high speed down force.

This limited edition LFA will be available in four exterior colors – whitest white, orange, black and matte black complemented by a choice of three interior colors – black, red, and violet. All come with a carbon fiber center console and door trim. The Nürburgring Package will carry a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $70,000. Matte black will carry an additional cost of $20,000. The standard LFA carries a MSRP of $375,000.

In addition to the Nürburgring vehicle specifications, a package of special privileges is included in association with the Nürburgring course itself. The perks comprise, but are not limited to, private parking, co-pilot ride, one night at the Lindner Congress and Motorsport Hotel Nürburgring, private training with Nürburgring chief driving instructor, a Nürburgring branded jacket, as well as a one-year annual pass valid for driving on the Nordschleife and admission to ring°werk leisure park.

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